Art of A.G.Howard

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This is a sample of the art of A.G.Howard.Feel free to browse through it, if you wouldlike to contact A.G.Howard about this art, orwould like to commission an original work, please contact him at

TO PURCHASE ANY PRINT :Please mail a check for the price requested, adding to it TEN dollars for S&H, also Tennessee residence add proper sales tax. Allow 4 to 6 weeks for delivery. Please enjoy the PHOTO page also!

The Snakegal Print 11x14 B&W cost 35.00 One easily order a print like this by E-mailing A.G.Howard : with a prepayment you can also have Custom work commissioned! I accept PAYPAL!

A.G.Howard also invites you to see more of his work on display at:

Remember One can always order this work to be worn on your own custom T-SHIRT! That's right any of this work can be custom painted (airbrushed) on a white T-shirt - just state size, or a custom sweat shirt(Size again) for a blanket prepayment of just
Seventy-Five dollars - that covers the shirt also! This will be a limited time offer, SO ACT NOW!!!

Look for more original work at your local convention!

A.G. has work on display from coast to coast at different artshows, but as always if you may have missed a show and would like to get a print or have an idea of your own you would like to see in print. Please don't hesitate to contact A.G. or

Beautiful VAMP 11x14 cost 35.00